Mitel supports CTP as a tool to standardize vendor-neutral skills for individuals prior to product-specific training. In fact, Mitel accepts the CTP credential as a prerequisite for its 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) and the SX-2000 to 3300 ICP Bridging courses.

Job roles that currently require 3300 ICP certification include the following:

  • Technicians, Installers and Maintainers involved with Mitel's 3300 ICP IP-PBX
  • Technicians, Installers and Maintainers previously certified on the SX-2000 product who want to be certified on the 3300 ICP product
  • Sales and Network Engineers who qualify and plan site-specific information in order to install the product
  • System Administrators of the product
  • Sales personnel responsible for supporting and selling the product

"The channel reseller has limited resources to spend on training, so forcing the reseller into a whole host of vendor-specific certifications doesn't do either party any good," stated Steve McBurney, Director of Channel Marketing at Mitel Networks. "We participated in the development of this program and continue to support CTP because we felt helping to establish a product-agnostic certification program would help everyone. The channels will spend less on multiple certifications (they can focus their investments), the end-user customer wins in the form of a lower price and better support (since the reseller's cost of doing business is reduced), and the manufacturers win because they can focus on the product-specific training associated with their own products."

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