Why CTP?

Why CTP?

Convergence Technology Demands a New Set of Skills

The demand for unified communications solutions that are feature-rich and cost-effective continues to grow at a rapid pace. Selling, installing and maintaining these solutions requires a well-trained workforce that understands how the technologies integrate and how to best meet customers' needs. The CTP training and certification program provides this vital knowledge foundation.

Corporate IT

CTP certification helps build a more efficient convergence technology workforce, improving customer satisfaction and enhancing competitive position. Learn more »


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CTP training helps you become a knowledge expert and build applicable skills for high-demand sales and engineering careers in the convergence industry. Learn more »

Training Partners

CTP provides training and certification in a bold new field of technology whose importance is growing. No other program can match the depth of knowledge, foundational skills and industry standards that are presented by CTP.

Need an entry-level introduction to convergence technologies? Try the CCNT (Certified in Convergent Network Technologies) program.

The CTP certification differs from the CCNT in many ways. CCNT is an un-proctored, open-book program that serves as an entry-level introduction to convergence technologies. It is recommended that an individual has attained the knowledge level of CCNT before preparing for the CTP exam, or have a minimum of 18 to 24 months of experience working in all three knowledge areas to take and pass the CTP exam.

Find the best fit for you or your company:  Compare the CTP vs. CCNT programs

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