CTP Benefits for Corporate IT

Enterprise Benefits

With the rapidly changing landscape of new convergence products, it is imperative to have a workforce with foundational knowledge about convergence technologies, not just a specific manufacturer's products. It is also important to know how to harness this knowledge to:

  • Establish a baseline mastery of skills.
  • Prepare for product-specific training.
  • Maximize workforce productivity.
  • Decrease labor costs and increase profitability.
  • Improve scheduling efficiencies.
  • Achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

For telecommunications manufacturers, channel partners and resellers, the CTP certification can benefit you, your workforce and your financial bottom line in a variety of ways:

  • Build a confident, efficient and productive workforce - CTP certificants have the breadth and depth of knowledge to serve your customer needs quickly and efficiently, without repetitive peer assistance and support requests. Having knowledgeable employees can drastically reduce project and work order delays, keeping customers happy and allowing business to grow.
  • Improve customer service and retention - A CTP-certified professional has the knowledge and tools necessary to accomplish a particular task correctly on the first request. This ability to properly address a customer's request in a timely manner without extensive service time increases the likelihood of the customer having a positive experience. Reliable CTP-certified employees will help strengthen customers' bonds, which will lead to a high customer retention rate and valuable business referrals.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors - As with all technology-based industries, innovative and emerging products will continually enter the marketplace. Those companies whose workers are well-trained and understand how the technologies work together will be one step ahead of the competition. CTP covers these emerging communications technologies and keeps your workforce at the forefront of this dynamic field.
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