CTP Exam Overview

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The CTP (TT0-201) exam validates core knowledge and skills required by equipment manufacturers, their channel partners, and end-users to sell and service convergence technologies.

The CTP exam is quite rigorous. It validates professional-level knowledge in three knowledge domains essential to the industry:

  • Data and Internet Protocol (IP) Networking for Convergent Networks
  • Voice and Telephony Services, Functions and Technologies
  • Convergence Technologies

Candidates must have at least 18 to 24 months of significant work experience in all three knowledge domain areas to have a reasonable chance to pass the exam.

Even candidates with this amount of experience usually need to take CTP courses and spend significant amounts of time studying the material on their own in order to pass the exam. Entry-level convergence workers should take the CCNT (Certified in Convergent Network Technologies) exam and then obtain the required knowledge and skills to take the CTP exam.

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