Telephony Networking


The CTP Telephony Networking course is 6 hours of classroom instruction. The course focuses on hands-on labs using telephony equipment.

Telephony Networking is designed to provide detailed coverage of telephony standards and best practices for North America, and for countries that use the same telephony standards and equipment found in the United Kingdom. The course also focuses on specific troubleshooting techniques. Students will learn how to use common troubleshooting tools, including a digital multimeter, a tone and probe kit, a lineman's test handset (i.e., butt set), and other tools that allow you to wire analog and digital lines. This course will also help to prepare the student for the Telephony Networking portion of the CTP 2007 exam.

Effective August 11, 2009, BICSI recognizes Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP) - Telephony Networking training for 6 BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs). Course trainers must issue a certificate of course completion at the conclusion of the class. The certificate must include the completion date, the course title and the number of CECs approved. It should be made clear to your course attendees that BICSI CECs are issued ONLY to BICSI credential holders.

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