CTP Benefits for Individuals

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As a technician or support professional working in convergence technologies, CTP certification can benefit you in a variety of ways.

  • Validate your knowledge as an expert in convergence technologies - The CTP certification is a widely recognized credential that validates vendor-neutral convergence technologies training. CTP training gives you the foundational knowledge about convergence technologies that can be applied to various manufacturers' products. CTP training and certification will give you the confidence to perform your job role at a superior level, regardless of which manufacturers' products you are selling, installing or supporting.
  • Prove your potential and advance your career - Having breadth and depth of knowledge across various convergence technologies topics establishes your ability to handle additional tasks and roles that you may not have been qualified for before CTP certification. Additionally, CTP training empowers you with transferable knowledge that can establish job security and lead to a long, rewarding career.
  • Remain competitive and relevant in an industry of continual change - CTP covers the latest and most applicable topics in convergence technologies. A CTP certification proves you have the most current convergence technology skills and knowledge, with skills objectives endorsed by some of the top convergence manufacturers.
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